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Blog - Massages by Carolyn

Meet Carolyn Kittle, LMT.... Good Fortune’s newest superstar!

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For the past six years, Carolyn has been perfecting the art of massage therapy with her use of hot and cold therapies combined with a deeply calming technique.

Her skills have grown over the years doing rehabilitative sports massage, and within spa environments where relaxation was her main focus. We are thrilled to have her on board so we can boast we have Chattanooga's best massages! Whether you dash in on your lunch break or are in need of some deep tissue attention, Carolyn will devote herself to rubbing your troubles away.

Carolyn’s signature Swedish Massage is profoundly relaxing. She soothes tight and sore muscles with a firm yet gentle approach, and your skin tone will greatly improve. If you have chronic problem areas that demand a lot of attention, then Carolyn suggests the Therapeutic Massage, also known as a deep tissue massage.

A mother herself, Carolyn loves doing Pregnancy Massages, and helping ladies relieve back and leg pain. With prenatal massages you lie on your side properly positioned with pillows (for at least a full hour of peace and quiet) while our massage superstar helps you forget about your aches and pains!

Here is our Spa Menu:

  • Swedish Massage: A traditional full body relaxation massage that loosens tight muscles, soothes sore muscles, increases circulation and improves skin & muscle tone. Pressure is light to firm per client’s preference.
  • Therapeutic Massage: Deep tissue massage targets areas determined by the client. Hot or cold therapies, as well as stretching are often used in this session. Clients can seek therapeutic relief for overworked muscles as well as for chronic problems such as TMJ, migraines, and fibromyalgia.
  • Pregnacy Massage: Soothing and comforting massage for the expecting mother in the second or third trimester. Mom is usually in side-lying position with several pillows for support.
  • Chair Massage: Quick and easy way to get a massage with all the benefits of table massage without disrobing. Chair massages are a great way to reduce stress and tension.
  • Lunch Break Massage: 30 MINUTE massage to relax and rejuvenate areas that are tight and sore. Neck, shoulders, and lower back are a big pick for office workers. Get back to work feeling like a new person. 
  • Massage Add-ons: Heat pack and lavender eye pack complimentary…..Hot stones or hand/foot scrub $10 each add-on.

Massage Deals & Coupons

  1. $15 Off your first 1 Hour Massage
  2. Buy 3 Chair Massages, Get 1 Free (works out to be $10 off each visit!!)
  3. Buy 3 - 1 Hour Massages for $150 (saves you $15 per visit!!)

We'd love to have you visit Good Fortune's Chattanooga Spa, and treat yourself to a relaxing and healing day!

Call 423-473-6727 to book your appointment.


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