AMYRIS essential oil

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Benefits: Therapeutic grade Amyris essential oil. 10 mL glass bottle.

Essential oils uses for side effects and symptoms: Antiseptic, aphrodisiac, decongestant, expectorant, muscle relaxant, sedative, skin irritations. Commonly referred to as West Indian Sandalwood oil, we use Amyris as a less expensive replacement for Sandalwood oil. Amyris oil is extracted from the wood chip, and has a similar sweet aroma as Sandalwood, but is more smoky. It is not a true replacement, but has many of the same calming and healing properties. 

How to use essential oils:

  • Diffuse: Use a few drops in your essential oil diffuser.
  • Internal: Never use internally.
  • Topical: Dilute 1-2 drops with a carrier oil and rub on desired areas.

Warning: Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Essential oils are a great way to promote health and wellness, but are not intended to prevent, treat or cure illnesses.

Botanical Name: Amyris balsamifera
Method of Extraction: Steam distillation
Country of Origin: West Indies
Natural: Y
Organic: N


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