Apple Lavender Mini Soap On A Rope

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Natural soap on a rope with sweet, clean, scents of apple and lavender. Our natural soap bar gives you that fresh-scrubbed feeling from head to toe. Plus, the mini size is a perfect travel soap holder, perfect for on the go!

Lavender Soap Benefits: Happy and mellow is the first impression you'll get from our apple lavender soap. Our lavender soap bar soothes and calms the skin with lavender essential oils, leaving you feeling refreshed and tranquil.

Features: Our natural soap on a rope hangs conveniently in your shower or kitchen. It’s great for exfoliating and washing your body every day.

Wow: Phosphate-free and biodegradable. Waterproof bag eliminates shower gel and mess when you travel. Plus, the new 2 oz. mini size is kid-friendly!

Natural triple milled soap on a rope, with olive, coconut, palm, jojoba, lanolin, fragrance, lavender essential oil, rosemary oil extract, and vitamin e.






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