Do you need help for sun damaged skin?

Do you need help for sun damaged skin?

15th Sep 2014

Do you have sun damaged skin? Yes, me too! I wish I knew how to take care of my skin when I was younger!! My new routine to help even out the dark sun spots on my face & chest goes like this:

Twice a week....
1) I wash with either milk cleanser or activated charcoal cleanser.
2) Then exfoliate with our new facial scrub for 2-3 minutes on my face AND chest in a gentle circular motion.
3) I apply our pumpkin face mask for 5 minutes.
4) After I rinse it off, then I use our vitamin c toner everywhere.
5) I spot treat the brown and white splotches with our multivitamin serum.
6) Then I moisturize with our Green Tea Face Cream everywhere.

The plan is to help even out the sun damage by exfoliating and bringing the pigment to the surface quicker, and then use sunscreen because it will come back with more sun exposure!

Please visit our soap store and spa near downtown Chattanooga to sample our organic skin care for yourself!

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