Looking for where to buy essential oils?

Looking for where to buy essential oils?

28th Mar 2020

We have the best oils (plus they're affordable)!

Sincerity is the backbone of Good Fortune, so we have worked to sell only the best, pure essential oils. There is no middle man so we are able to provide affordable, highly concentrated oils so your home can be filled, your body can relax, and your wellness can improve! For more on our oils, read our blog posts: essential oils guideessential oils uses!

Our pure grade essential oils are harvested from carefully vetted farms from around the world then transferred to our certified US suppliers where they are distilled and tested for ultimate quality before Good Fortune lovingly repackages them. 

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How are your prices so low compared to other companies?

Our prices are low and affordable because we don’t do 3rd party testing, offer certified organic for every oil, publish books and catalogs, pay tiers of commission to reps, or print fancy cartons and bottles. 

We order our pure oils in bulk, and hand pour the essential oils into each bottle, keeping our overhead low. Plus, we avoid the use of any filler or chemicals, so our prices can stay reasonable and affordable by only using pure oils.

Where do your essential oils come from?

Grown on indigenous farms from over 30 countries around the world, our oils are shipped to our high quality wholesale supplier located in the United States (family owned biz).

Good Fortune is built on sincerity in our products, and our essential oil suppliers are no different. They rely on a direct supply chain which means the oils travel from grower, to supplier, and then to us. This provides sustainability, both social and ecological, to the farmers and permits for better quality ingredients.

Our oils go through a distillation process at the manufacturer’s warehouse where they are broken down into individual components and tested for purity. This allows for a more comprehensive testing, so you can trust that they are certifiably pure and reliable. Analysis technology plays a huge role in the production of their oils as well, and as a result provides precise quality control and assurance.

Are your oils therapeutic grade?

Yes, our oils are 100% Pure Grade. Every one of our oils is extracted only by physical means, so they are without additives, residual solvents, and extraction aids. Our manufacturers provide us with certification of origin, harvest date, and therapeutic grade. 

However, the term “therapeutic grade” is just that, a term. Any company can use the terminology of “therapeutic grade” because there is no organization certifying quality of essential oils. Instead of searching for oils that are marketed as “therapeutic grade,” look for a company’s promise of quality essential oils based on testing and expertise.

Are your essential oils certified organic?

Our essential oil manufacturers are reputed and certified in their practice, therefore we trust them when they say some of their oils are from organically grown plants. The reason some oils are not certified organic is because of their growing location. Every country has specific rules for organic practices, so the process of being certified as organic is more difficult for some than for others. Nonetheless, we trust that our suppliers are cautious in the distilling and testing process, making sure every oil is 100% pure.

We hope this information is helpful in learning more about Good Fortune and our essential oils. Thank you for shopping with us! 

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Can essential oils be used internally?

We do not recommend ingesting our oils because they are highly concentrated and have the capacity to do internal damage. We want to be mindful of possible allergies or current medications, so that we can be certain of your safety. FDA states promoting any substance being safe for internal use suggests that it is food, a supplement or medication and essential oils have not been deemed any of these. If you decide to do otherwise, do so under the watchful eye of an expert after seeking their professional advice.

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