Organic Skin Care With Real Results & With A Purpose

10th May 2015





Anti-aging, gentle, non-greasy, and nourishing! Those are the results we promise! We don't want: chemicals, harsh reactions, side effects, and big price tags with over-the-top promises of youth. Good for your health, and good for your skin is what we desire for you.

Our recipes are made with organic aloe juice (instead of water), and other rich food based ingredients. Your skin absorbs over 60% of what you put on it, so we formulate our skin care to feed your skin antioxidants, and balance your pH to creating lasting beauty.

No matter what stage of life you are in, our Vitamin C, plant based alpha hydroxy, skin friendly oils, and Vitamin E can help prevent discoloration and wrinkles, fight free radicals, and clear up problematic skin. Our professional skin care provides results that you can feel good about!

Feeding your skin & body quality ingredients is vital for healthy beautiful lives. Good Fortune Soap & Spa has partnered with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. For every organic skin care set sold we will provide ten pounds of food.  $5 Equals twenty meals, and $10 Equals $100 of groceries.

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