Got Dry Skin? Winter skin woes?

Got Dry Skin? Winter skin woes?

9th Jan 2020

We've got you covered this winter. Look no further than what we have to offer! Feel rejuvenated and refreshed instead of dry and cracked!

Full Body

Lets begin with the whole body, because if we're being honest, sometimes dry skin is everywhere. To start you can, exfoliate from the neck down with your favorite GF Faucet Soap. A fun fact about exfoliating is that it removes the surface layer of dead cells and allows the rich vegetable and essential oil nutrients to penetrate the skin. Though we know exfoliating sounds like a blast, be careful not to over do it. This can cause break outs due to the overproducing of oils along with exhausting your skin! Following exfoliation, once you've smoothed your skin, go to town with our intensive 3-in-1 Body Moisturizer to re-hydrate. You'll be feeling relieved in no time.

For Dry hands, feet, & elbows

What do we think about those over-washed hands and cracked heels.. NO FUN. You should try exfoliating first, then moisturize your feet & hands with our Foot Therapy Set (try it before bed for a tingly good time!) You can also use our Shea Butter Lotion Bar. Let the heat of your body melt our 100% unrefined shea butter between your fingers and then rub all over dry patches for an oh-so-smooth finish. You will reap benefits from the therapeutic properties of Vitamins A, E, and fatty acids that treat your minor skin ailments.

For dry face

Your dry skin is no match for the Food for Face Skin Care Line. It comes with everything you need to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. Specifically catered to dry-normal skin, you will be amazed at the affects of our Milk Facial Cleanser, Detox Face Scrub, Vitamin C Toner, Multi-vitamin Serum, and Antioxidant Serum. Apply in correct order daily and be amazed by the results! 

For Dry lips

Get out of here dry lips! It is time to scrub your lips with our amazing Kiss Me Kit which includes edible lip scrub and our peppermint lip balm. Apply daily for astounding results. All ages should try it in the morning before putting your make up on or in the evening for those good night kisses. Your lips will feel moisturized and fabulous!

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