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  • 10 Retail Items Under $10

    14th Aug 2023

    10 Retail Items Under $10

    Shopping with us can be fun AND affordable! Here are ten items under $10 that we can't live without! ⁠ Grapefruit Orange Wash: a throwback scent PERFECT for summer. It's…

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  • Princess Tuesdays

    19th Jun 2023

    Princess Tuesdays

    Calling all royalty! Come dressed to impress every Tuesday in July for a magical celebration for princesses of all ages. From enchanting activities like creating custom princess lotion, princess punch…

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  • A Love Letter to Chattanooga

    6th Jun 2023

    A Love Letter to Chattanooga

    Steph and I are 6 months into being Chattanoogans and small business owners, and I have lost track of the number of times we’ve talked about how happy we are to be in this spot. Right here. Right now.…

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  • We LOVE Our Customers!

    14th Feb 2023

    We LOVE Our Customers!

    Valentine's Day is a time for showing love and appreciation to those closest to our hearts. And at Good Fortune, we think that includes all of our wonderful customers! You are the reason we get up in…

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  • Lash Lift & Tint Benefits

    8th Feb 2023

    Lash Lift & Tint Benefits

    Leading busy lives leaves little time for lash care, especially for the daily hassle of applying products. Make your life easier this year with a Lash Lift & Tint!What Is A Lash Lift?A lash l…

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  • Meet Our Owners:  Chris & Steph Gannar

    6th Feb 2023

    Meet Our Owners: Chris & Steph Gannar

    Who are We?We are Chris and Steph Gannar, proud Chattanooga transplants, who consider themselves conservation novices. We are firm believers in the power of community, lovers of all living things, ama…

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  • Farewell from Jen:  Seasons of Change

    6th Feb 2023

    Farewell from Jen: Seasons of Change

    The next stage of life has come for me and my family, and I’ve decided to sell Good Fortune to an amazing local couple. The journey of growing and building this business has been so life giving t…

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  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    20th Jan 2023

    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    Our 2023 Gift Guide features four categories to help you celebrate!Whether you are solo, in a relationship, or celebrating Galentine's Day - our Valentine's day gift ideas are all winners!Give Comfort…

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