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  • 3 Essential Oils You MUST have!

    13th Apr 2021

    3 Essential Oils You MUST have!

    Want to Start Using Essential Oils But Have No Idea Where to Start? This is For You. So you’ve heard all the buzz around Essential Oils and you want to start your collection but there a…

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  • The Truth about Dermaplaning

    7th Apr 2021

    The Truth about Dermaplaning

    Why I Add Dermaplaning to My Regular FacialsI have always been obsessed with having super smooth, soft, skin and flawless foundation. Peach fuzz and dead skin have been some of the worst offenders in…

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  • Why You Need Dermaplaning

    30th Mar 2021

    Why You Need Dermaplaning

    Dermaplaning: the skincare trend that’s taking the world by storm!By now you’ve probably heard of it, but if not… prepared to be amazed. Dermaplaning is an advanced exfoliation technique that uses a b…

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  • Why I Am Throwing Away My Lash Curler

    25th Mar 2021

    Why I Am Throwing Away My Lash Curler

    What Is a Lash Lift and Tint? So you’ve heard of a perm for your hair, well this is a perm for your eyelashes! Your lashes get permed into a beautiful permanent curl (no lash crimper required!). The…

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  • What’s New At Our Chattanooga Spa

    4th Mar 2021

    What’s New At Our Chattanooga Spa

    Free aromatherapy and hot towels with every massage or facial? Yes please! Here at Good Fortune Soap and Spa we are passionate about pampering our customers so we are extremely happy to announce tha…

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  • Best Scented Candles for Your Home

    23rd Oct 2020

    Best Scented Candles for Your Home

    Whether fall is your favorite holiday or you’d prefer 90 degrees and sun, the autumn leaves are falling and we are excited!Making your house as cozy as possible hits differently in the autumn months.…

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  • 3 Must-Have All-Natural Gift Sets

    16th Oct 2020

    3 Must-Have All-Natural Gift Sets

    Gift Sets a.k.a the best gifts ever are in full swing at Good Fortune.In perfect timing for the upcoming holiday season, we recently launched more than 5 brand new sets and updated more than 15! Howev…

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  • Virus Policies

    14th Oct 2020

    Virus Policies

    It has been around five month since we were finally able to reopen our storefront! In those five months the virus is still something we take seriously here at Good Fortune. With that, we want to remin…

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