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Best Scented Candles for Your Home

Best Scented Candles for Your Home

23rd Oct 2020

Whether fall is your favorite holiday or you’d prefer 90 degrees and sun, the autumn leaves are falling and we are excited!

Making your house as cozy as possible hits differently in the autumn months. Something about the knitted throws and chilly weather make us want to stay at home all. day. long. Though we love hot apple cider, flannels, and Halloween movies, we are most excited for candle season! We just launched 4 brand new candle collections that are going to be the best addition to your autumn home. Aesthetically pleasing, delightfully scented, and naturally made-- your go-to fall decor just got upgraded. Now, cozy-up and find out more!


Introducing the amber glass jars! With this change to our packaging, the candles immediately bring warmth to any room. Because of their new style, the candles can be beautifully stacked on top of coffee table books with cute plants beside them or even stand alone in all their glory.

We also rebranded our labels! The sleek style and color choices let the candles speak for themselves. You can know exactly what’s in your candle that makes them smell so heavenly.

Tuscan Mountain Soy Candle

If you know Good Fortune then you know we care about our planet, so don’t throw out your empty jars! We refill candles in store for a discounted price! Bring in your jar and refill with the same scent or try out another. If we all do our part, even if it’s small, we can make a difference!



Meet the Clean team! The Clean Collection scents are for the person who loves their home to smell refreshing and airy. We recommend using these in your bathroom or kitchen, but let's be honest, any room would do!

Coastal: A balanced blend of warm notes of amber and oakmoss mixed elegantly with citrus, clover, aloe, and tonka bean to create an incredibly clean, fresh, and beachy scent.

Sweet Thyme: A sweet blend of citrus notes of lemon mixed beautifully with blooming flower blossoms and fresh rosemary grounded by base notes of herbal Thyme.

Traveler: A compelling blend of vanilla verbena and citrus beautifully mixed with subtle spices followed by base notes of sandalwood and soothing vanilla.


For all our autumn lovers, these are for you-- meet The Warm Collection! If you’re looking for three scents that give you all the fall feels, you’ve met your match. Light the Warm Collection as you snuggle up in your favorite sweater with a nice cup of coffee. We recommend using this candle in your living room or other common areas!

Harvest: A comforting blend of sweet apples and bergamot beautifully mixed with spicy clove, cinnamon, and coriander completed with base notes of toasted oak, vanilla and tobacco.

Unbridled: A lavish blend of bitter orange beautifully mixed with rich coriander, clove, and tobacco completed with base notes of leather and toasted oak.

Tuscan Mountains: A rich blend of patchouli beautifully mixed with warm amber and smooth tobacco topped off with base notes of cedarwood and suede.


Wildflower Soy Candles

Let the aroma of fresh blossoms fill your home with The Floral Collection. If your favorite scent family is delicate and feminine then you’ll love the dewy escapes and fields of blossoms that the Floral Collection brings. We recommend using this collection in your bathroom or bedroom!

Sunshine:A bright blend of grapefruit beautifully combined with mysterious jasmine and fresh bergamot balanced with base notes of soft tonka bean.

Wildflower: An uplifting blend of citrus notes beautifully mixed with fresh vetiver and flower blossoms followed by base notes of refreshing beachwood.

Enchanted Forest: An inspiring blend of mandarin and honey beautifully combined with fresh fir needle followed by base notes of amber, musk, and soft tonka bean.


Smells good enough to eat! The Yummy Collection is complete with drool-worthy scents that will inspire your taste buds as well as fill your home with joy. We recommend using the Yummy Collection primarily in your kitchen!

Bliss: A refreshing blend of lemon verbena beautifully combined with smooth coconut milk topped off with yummy base notes of toasted nuts.

Blood Orange: A fresh blend of bergamot, grapefruit, and orange beautifully mixed with green leaves and neroli completed with base notes of sweet balsam wood.

Herbal Tea: A wholesome blend of lemon beautifully mixed with natural honey, white thyme, and jasmine completed with base notes of sweet balsam wood.

So, if you're candle obsessed, like we are, our new soy candle collections are a great addition to your autumn decor. But, don’t feel like candles are only a seasonal piece! Especially with scents as delightful as these, you’ll want to burn candles all year round.

Remember! Good Fortune’s all-natural soy candles come packaged in a large 9 oz. jar, meaning they last longer! Plus, due to the soy wax and the crisp Cotton Wick, our candles have a strong, even burn, so there’s no pesky leftovers.

You deserve to invest in natural candles, especially when they help make your house home! Be sure to grab your hand-poured candle from Good Fortune next time you’re in town or shop all of our candle collections online! 

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