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Deet-Free Bug Spray Natural that Really Works!

Deet-Free Bug Spray Natural that Really Works!

11th Jul 2021

Mosquito Season is Here!

Now that the days are longer and hotter, the mosquitos are out to play! Do you ever find yourself wondering if you just attract mosquitos, because that’s how I feel. Bug spray is a must anytime I'm outdoors, but I hate the smell and the harmful chemicals! That is why I love Buzz Off natural bug spray.

The Deets on DEET

DEET is short for N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (I’m tongue tied just thinking about it). This is a main ingredient in bug repellents. DEET absorbs through the skin quickly and when combined with sunscreen it actually absorbs even quicker. DEET also lingers in your system, it can even transfer to the child of a pregnant mother! Side effects of deet range from skin irritation to neurotoxicity which can cause behavioral problems and memory dysfunction! It is also linked to groundwater contamination. I think I will pass on all of that!

Naturally Safe Alternatives

Our Buzz Off Spray combines 4 potent essential oils to ward off bugs and mosquitos without the toxicity. Let’s talk about how each of these effective oils contributes!

Citronella plant as a Natural Bug Repellant


The big one you’ve probably heard of is Citronella! Mosquitoes hate citronella, and so do fleas, ticks and gnats! Citronella works by masking smells that are attractive to mosquitos, like a mosquito invisibility cloak!

Fresh Lemon Grass For Bug Repellant


This oil repels mosquitoes, flies, chiggers, fruit flies, and no-see-ums! Lemongrass is antifungal and antimicrobial which stops the spread of microorganisms carried by pests! They hate the citrus smell, but I love it.

Cinnamon for Mosquito and Big Repellant


This wildcard is great for repelling wasps, mosquitos, spiders, silverfish, and earwigs! It can also kill mosquito eggs! Bugs dislike the strong smell of cinnamon so you can also spray it where you might get spiderwebs or wasps nests to prevent them!

Eucalyptus Oil for Repelling Mosquitos and Bugs Naturally


This essential oil is great for repelling mosquitoes and deer ticks! It also is one of my favorite refreshing summer scents and it compliments the other oils in this mix well.

How to Use Buzz Off Outdoor Spray

Our natural spray can be applied directly to the skin (our formula is safe for kids and pets) like your standard bug spray, but it also has other uses! You can spray it where you tend to get wasps nests or webs to deter them before they happen. You can spray your outdoor linens like cushions and curtains for extra protection. You can also get this formulation as a custom lotion too!

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