Magnolia & Moss {No. 27} Southern Hues

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Scented Candle {No. 27} Garden & Gun Edition

Inspired from the sights & sounds of places near & far, past & present, each scented candle in our collection allows you to explore a different part of our beautiful earth!

Smells like: Cantaloupe Honey Ginger Sweet Tea. It is true Southern classic!

Magnolia & Moss' Story: In the beginning, the Lord God planted a garden & out of the ground. He brought forth vegetation and caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight & good for food... and out of this garden flowed a river leading to the land of Havilah where there was gold & the gold of that land was good... And to the South, the Lord gave the moss - so porous & so light. Able to withstand the storms. Flowering in season and whispering "let your heart take courage - be strong - for whom shall you fear when you can behold the beauty of the Lord.." And to the moss, He gave the magnolia. So strong, yet so sweet. Her broad sturdy limbs declaring, "climb - trust - do not be afraid - and believe you will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living..." More precious than fine pearls, these southern hues grow freely - green gold for all.

  • Each candle comes beautifully packaged with a Story Card that represents each scent
  • Artisan Fragrances
  • Crisp Cotton Wick
  • All-natural Scented Candle


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