Sandalwood Bergamot Shave Soap w/ Shave Tin (mini)

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Each shave soap comes packaged in a shave tin will save you from buying a separate shave bowl.

Do you want that barbershop quality shave? Our Glycerin Shave Soap Bar will give you a professionally shaved feeling right at home!

Our Sandalwood Bergamot Shave Soap uses Bergamot Essential Oil, plus deep earthy notes of mahogany, patchouli, nutmeg and sandalwood. Our wonderful scents make this the best shave soap! 

Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits: Bergamot comes from the citrus family, giving this shave soap refreshing, cleansing benefits. Bergamot is also helpful in addressing specific problems like beard growth and itching. You’ll love the clean, fresh uplifting fragrance of this shave soap, without feeling greasy or weighed down. 

Shave Soap Bar Features: Our Sandalwood Bergamot Shave Soap Bar is made with natural coconut and olive oils to clean and moisturize your skin, glycerin and castor oil for a fresh foam, and bentonite clay for razor glide. Plus, it’s great for all skin types!

Wow: The oils in these soap bars for men have nutrients that are easily absorbed by both hair and skin.


Wet brush and swirl around tin until coated. Apply to shaving area. 

Net Wt. 2 oz.

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We can't wait to see how much you love this Good Fortune shave soap! 


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