Sandalwood Lavender Mini Faucet Soap

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Gentle sandalwood lavender faucet soap exfoliates you from head to toe, is great for shaving, good for sensitive skin and kid-friendly.

Benefits: Our best-selling facial soap is also available in a skin-sensitive mini faucet soap.

Features: Calming, woodsy and little musky! This is a perfect (soap-in-a-sack) for sensitive skin because its made with oats, essential oils, and organic shea butter. The gentle (face-shave-shampoo) formula clears up breakouts on the face, chest, and back.

Wow: A phosphate-free, biodegradable, and travel friendly soap. Tip: Men love this soap!

Natural triple milled soap with olive, coconut, and palm oils, shea butter, cocoa powder, oats, fragrance, lavender essential oil, rosemary oil extract, and vitamin e.


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