Applejack fills my mind with images of fall: warm apple cider, pumpkin pies, and burning leaves. In general, ALL your soaps that I've used thus far have left my skin feeling sooo soft. I rarely use lotion after showering, and have stopped using shaving cream. Read full review on our applejack natural soaps. —Jessica, Georgia

It is such a pleasure to do business with your company. Your service has always been first-rate. My mother-in-law has moved to Massachusetts and I have bought her several things and shipped to her. She loves the lavendar products and said the lip balm was the best she had ever used. Keep up the good work. —Linda

The soap arrived safe and sound and we love it. Thank you for such an excellent product.—Andrea

I am now a HUGE fan of your soap...and bags. BRILLIANT!...truly love it.—Dave, Nebraska

I found your Element Spray while staying at Lakeview at Fontana last September. I love it!!!  I have the Sandalwood+Lavender and spritz it on my pillow for a wonderful night's sleep!  I would like to buy some for my mother who has trouble sleeping. Oh, I also have Love #7 oil (also in lavender - do you detect a pattern?). And the Green Tea massage candle is Wonderful, especially for giving the husband a rubdown (doesn't smell to frou-frou for him.)  So glad I "stumbled upon your products." Also wanted to say I read your testimony. What a blessing!  Praise the Lord for Him mighty, redeeming works! —Missy

I love the vanilla peppermint soap and lotion, I hope you decide to make this one available all year round! Thanks —Stephanie, Georgia

Hello! I purchased some products from you at an art expo and I am addicted now! I love the lip scrub and the tingly feeling after using that plus the chocolate lip balm! Now I plan on trying the faucet soap too! I'm going to have all my friends over to show off my stuff and make them sign up to your newsletter so they can discover these amazing products as well! Thanks so much, you are a real inspiration! —Kat, Georgia

I am always trying new brands of artisan soaps. I will try anything patchouli. I must tell you that your patchouli mixed soap is among the best I have used. I will be a repeat custormer. I thought I ordered the patchouli mint spray. The sandalwood lavender is for gifts. I am anxious to try the patchouli. I will re order after Christmas. I will tell my friends about your soap for hope. blessings to you —Deb

Hello Jennifer! Received yesterday and used it this morning, loved it!! I will be ordering more as Christmas gifts. I especially can’t wait to give one to my Mother, who is in the last stages of cancer, but still loves soaps & creams. She will enjoy your product. Thank you for the quick shipment and I will tell my friends & family about your products.
God Bess You —Bonnie, Florida

Thanks for the surprise free gifts tucked into my package!  I love everything, and am excited to share you're products with my family this Christmas! —Abigail Bowen

Thank you, the products arrived safely. They made a wonderful gift basket for my daughter, and of course, some for me. No improvement is necessary, great products! —Bonnie, Florida

I took my first shower with your Applejack soap.  It was very refreshing and I loved it!!!!  I especially appreciate the card logos.  Will order again, for sure.  —Celeste Scott

For the past four weeks, I have been talking about developing my own all-natural, local soaps, beauty products, and beeswax candles.  I have been doing the research needed as well.  Recently, I have been asking God for direction in my life.  No sooner that I asked for guidance did I find your website and your story and all the wonderful things you are doing with your life. Thank you!
I currently do marketing and public relations for a nonprofit performing arts center and I am ready for a change.  Your story gave me the boost I needed to know that I can pursue this venture.  I am doing the research now to try to start out small. I just ordered some of your products, and I am so excited to receive them.  Keep up the great work. Thank you. Sincerely —Mary, New Jersey

I just wanted to really say kudos to you!  I envy your courage!  I checked out your (well done) website and it sure reminded me of my soap days!  *smiles*—Teresa, Oregan

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic service, prompt delivery, and wonderful soaps. They smell great, and feel fantastic. The packing is adorable and I really loved the little cards that came with each bar of soap. I was happily surprised at the presentation and service. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you for such a great product! —Allison Ramuno

so far, good feedback from customers - it's just FUN stuff - and good for you! I'm hoping it does really well! Thank you! —Kim @ Sidney Brooks LLC

Wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with our products. I’m ready to order more!! My husband loved the sample of coconut soap used for shaving. He’s very particular with his shaving soap and raved about it. We’ll be ordering soon. Products and service could not be any better -thank you so much! —Doris

Got your delivery, Jennifer. As always, perfect and flawless. I always appreciate your little bonuses. I am always glad to lift up Good Fortune to friends. Thanks again. —Dave, Indiana

I am currently in an office job, which is just that, an office job. I have been praying trying to figure out if I could resume the Soap Business. After reading about your company and how it was started, has given my the motivation and courage to get out my pots and pans this weekend and get started with soap making again. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you have helped me. —Julene, Washington

Just to let you know I received my 4 light & Ignite mocha meltdown candles yesterday!! Lightning fast delivery!!! Thank you and the entire mailbox was perfumed from the candles. Hope the mailman enjoyed that as well! Best wishes for continued success with your soap biz. —Cecelia,Georgia

Day 1: I've successfully exfoliated my entire body...it feels wonderful:) The smell of the soap was so magnificent I spent an extra 20 minutes in the shower just enjoying the smell and trying not to fall over from being extremely relaxed.
Day 2: I just had an amusing crash on the way home on a bike ride. I'm proud to report that Peppermint Tea Tree soap is incredibly soothing on minor cuts and abrasions and your soap sack exfoliates the embedded dirt away quickly and efficiently. —Max, Tennessee

I've fought severe acne since Junior High, and now that I'm adult with stress, it is worse! I've tried every pill and creme, but nothing works. I tried your sandalwood lavender face soap, and boom, I look like a different person. My face is your advertisement. My co-workers noticed the difference and now they use it as well. I love it! —Cordia, Tennessee

Another success moment...The toddler is in bed (calmed by GF eucalyptus spearmint lime oil) and the newborn is fast asleep (soothed with lavender vanilla oil)...ahh...solace. —Allison, Tennessee

Found your products at World Next Door Markets and LOVE them! I especially love the Green Tea Element Spray for our tour bus! —Regina, Cowboy Mouth

Hey Jennifer! Wow... your order got to me super quick and I just wanted to say thanks. I needed a new supply of tea tree oil, and the other items were simply too lovely to pass by. Again - your packaging rocks, and the products are ultra fantastic! Love the compelling and inspirational quotes/verses too. Keep being fabulous - all the best! — Kristen, Wisconsin

My sweet daughter sent me a surprise package with samples of your products in a jar. I love your vanilla/lavender/patchouli/cinnamon soap and the chocolate/peppermint lip balm! I'm certain that I'll be ordering many of your products as gifts for friends and family members... and to pamper myself as well. —Harmony, California

AWESOME soap for kids! How much more simple could it be? All 3 of my kids go "SOAPY-SOAPY" by there self, and we just hang it on the faucet (ages 3,6 & 10). No dropping slippery soap, and no wasting tons of time on liquid soap. Plus, no matter what's on you, it will come off. It scrubs without hurting! And my sensitive skin kid is A-ok no more bumps! —Teona, Tennessee

I didn't realize I was missing my scrubby (Faucet Soap) 'til summer hit and my back started to break out. My bar just wasn't exfoliating enough to get my back really clean. And this is so much better than a pouff--quicker and easier! —Catherine, Tennessee

I've bought Faucet Soap several times and LOVE it...also love that you can buy replacement bars to put inside :) —Amanda, Tennessee

The shave soap is amazing! It is the only thing that I have ever used as a shaving soap that does not dry out my legs! It leaves my legs smooth and silky. The lip balms are amazing as well! No more chapped lips here! I would recommend Good Fortune products to anyone, My daughter even benefits from the Lavender/Sandalwood Element spray. It calms her when sprayed on her sheets :) —Amanda, Georgia

Jen, one of our customers returned today to get more of the Citronella Grapefruit Faucet Soaps for her friends and family. She claims she took it camping, washed, and stayed mosquito free. We need more to keep in stock! —Julie, Parkview Women's Health Center, Indiana

I've been using your multipurpose massage oil. I seriously am addicted to that stuff. It’s a pregnant woman’s dream! No more itchy belly! 1 pump each leg, and 3 pumps for the belly. Ha!Just a dab of your tea tree essential oil instantly took the itch out of my mosquito bites, and helped prevent them. You'll also be interested to know that I dabbed it on my bikini area, and it soothed my razor burn. I was so excited! —Allison, Tennessee

The faucet "travel bag" came in SO handy when we took it up to St. Louis with us. To be honest, I couldn't get it away from the guys. Anyhow, I almost had to resort to throwing punches to get my soap. :) Needless to say, it was a hit.—Jami, Florida

Did I tell you I saw some "homemade" soaps in a local store a month ago and decided to give them a try? NASTINESS! Too overloaded with cinnamon and it crumbled within 5 days. (I'd kept it dry, too!) I'll never be unfaithful to your recipes again!!! :-) —Catherine, Tennessee

First let me tell you I had a great time making the soap, loved it. There are 4 of us that want to take the Natural Spa Facial and Green Clean Classes. Can you open a time so we can do them all in one day?. Thanks! —Joyce, Tennessee

I have Excema on my scalp (it looks and feels like Cradle Cap), and it hurts and peels. I've tried every medicine (even Listerine), but the only thing that works is your Peppermint-Tea Tree-Menthol Faucet Soap!!! I take the soap out of the sack and wash my hair! I love it! It tingles and has healed my scalp! I also use the faucet soap to wash my body and feel wonderful. Thank you for everything! —Gail, Tennessee

I'm from Alaska and it is sooo dry in the winter. I also love to swim and the chlorine dries me out even more. I use the soap after swimming in the pool everyone there loves the smell. —Leilo, Palmer, AlaskaJennifer, Thank you so much for letting us visit and see your place. I came home and decided I had to take a shower just so I could use the soap. And I'm already in love with the shea butter!!! So thank you again and thank you for all that you are doing for the transition home! —Alyson, Tennessee

Jennifer, Thank you so much for doing what you do!! I came and visited your lovely studio/shop a couple Saturdays ago, and your products have enriched my life. Let me tell you how…
I actually look forward to leaving my warm bed and getting in the shower just so I can use your tingly faucet soap. Not only is the lather luxurious and effective, but the aroma is a perfect. Then, I enjoy a dash of your peppermint and patchouli element spray to completely awaken the senses. Oh, and by the way, I have gotten several compliments about the intriguing and wonderful scent you have created. Throughout the day, I cure my usually chapped lips with your chocolate peppermint lip balm. Wow, it is so lovely and not overly waxy feeling! And, my favorite part of everyday is applying your delicious spicy pumpkin lotion before bed! It is the perfect end to my stressful day, light and deeply fragrant in an bold yet soothing way.

Jennifer, thank you for following your dream because your products bring such a joy to my daily life. Warm regards —Katelyn, Tennessee

I loved the presentation of my order. I got it this morning and it was a blessing. I am battling cancer , getting chemo and all that fun stuff. Today I decided to shave my head so I don't have to keep dealing with the fall-out. I was upset but your box was a nice surprise. I quickly put in another order so my only request is how can I refer others? —Frederica, Coatesville, PA

YOU MAKE AWESOME SOAP!! WE LOVE IT!! Thanks again for shipping so quickly!! —Eric, Tennessee

I just got home from your spa facial class and used all of my products immediately. I love how amazing my skin feels using natural products. I'm bringing my mom back for a Mother's Day class for sure! —Joanna, TennesseeI was given the brown sugar lip scrub and chocolate peppermint lip balm for Christmas from one of my students. I love them! —Anne, Tennessee

We tried the new pumpkin soap that you have, it's great. It makes me feel really clean and it smells really good. Thanks! —Richard, Tennessee

Hi Jennifer,
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you today and how very impressed I was with you and your products. I really wanted to buy more but I will be back soon. I already love the shea butter! I've already started telling my friends about you and I look forward to the classes in the new year. —Patricia, Tennessee

Jennifer, we are loving your products!!! We sold two element sprays this morning. I look forward to being a great customer! Thanks again! Tetia, Lakeview at Fontana, North CarolinaMy sister Jo gave me your Peppermint Tea Tree Faucet Soap recently. I loved it. I have trouble with many soaps, but not this one. The peppermint helps give the cleansing tea tree a fresh scent. The soap-in-a-bag design is great for quick showers, especially when just returning from the beach. Thank you! —Lisa, South Carolina

I'm TOTALLY addicted to your lip balm. I NEVER leave home without it.
—Meleah, Tennessee

As an aside, everyone who has sampled your products raved about them. You have accomplished a great deal by yourself, and have a reason to be quite proud of all you have done. Congratulations on achieving such excellence with Good Fortune! We look forward to working with you and to selling (and using) your most remarkable Good Fortune creations! Many thanks again! —Dr. Rick Fisher, Genesis Medical Spa, Tennessee

I received the lavender. It smells very good. We are planning on putting it in little tulle circles tied with ribbon that people can open and throw. Thank you so much for all your help! I'm so happy about the product.
—Adrienne, North Carolina

The lavender confetti bags were a huge hit at Leslie's wedding! They smelled great and it was beautiful when we tossed it at the end. Even my husband wanted to keep a few extra bags for himself to freshen his shoes and car. Now we need some sampler kits as thank you gifts! —Debbie Sessions, Mother of the Bride, Tennessee

We are SO excited about partnering with you to bring good fortune to our clients- we LOVE what you do, and appreciate the care that you take with your products and business. It is obviously working as I see your stuff everywhere! —Monique Lea, Jim & Monique's Team, Tennessee

I love everything in the sampler gift set! My secret pal loved her "stuff" too; especially the lip scrub. —Kathy, Tennessee

I love Good Fortune hand soap! I can’t believe how well it lathers and never makes my hands dry. It lasts a long time, too! —Allison, Tennessee

Good Fortune soap is amazing! I have sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about the products that I use. All of the added ingredients in store-bought bar soaps and shower gels irritate my skin and leave it dry. Good Fortune’s natural ingredients create a soap that gently cleanses and moisturizes. My favorite is the red apple lavender soap, not only does is smell wonderful, but it also leaves my skin soft and smooth! —Laura, Tennessee

I love so many of Good Fortunes products! My newest favorite is the vanilla and brown sugar lip scrub. You just rub it on your lips to exfoliate all the dead skin and it’s amazing how soft and moisturize it leaves your lips. The coolest thing is that you can eat it and let me tell you it’s yummy! I can’t wait to use mine this winter to exfoliate away those wintry, dry lips! —Kate, Tennessee

My fave is Applejack, but everyone knows that by now because I tell everyone about it! When I was having my baby, I wanted it with me at the hospital as a reminder of home, and now as a new mom I look forward to my bath each night now! —Holly, Tennessee

I LOVE the lip scrub. Half the fun is licking it off my lips, yum! —Joanna, Tennessee

That was the longest bath I have EVER had!!! YOU are the SOAP BLENDING QUEEN!! —Chad, Tennessee

All natural ingredients is the number one reason I love Good Fortune products. They never dry out, irritate, or leave a residue on my
sensitive skin. The products are always the highest quality and there is always a product that suits my needs. I rave about the shaving soap to all my friends! Finally a high-quality shaving soap that let’s the razor get super close to my skin without leaving razor burn or knicks. It leaves my skin soft with a smooth shave. This bar of soap is better than every shaving product I have ever tried! —Christy, Ohio

The relaxing smell of lavender never fails to help me relax and fall asleep. I spray my pillow with the Sandalwood Lavender Element Spray every night when I lay down and before I know it I am asleep. Containing all natural ingredients I never have to worry about it ruining my sheets or irritating my sensitive skin. Another great product from Good Fortune.—Luke, Ohio

I love Good Fortune Lipbalm - ... island COCONUT —Deanna

J.J. Springer & Company is very excited to be the first store in Canada to carry Good Fortune Soap. We love your products and we know our customers will too!! Visit us at www.jjspringer.com where we'll be showcasing your yummy goodies as soon as we warm up from that cold trip to Atlanta! —Shari

The peppermint vanilla soap and lotion is wonderful and my new favorite. Such a lovely scent! —Stephanie Lauren Craft

Do you have a lot of grab bags made up?!? Everyone loved them last year! I need to round out my Christmas shopping and your products are always such welcomed gifts from my friends and family :) Merry Christmas!! —Lindsey

So glad when you came to Blue Cross, loving everything I got, please come back soon! —Sonja

So exciting to hear about your success Jennifer, that is wonderful!! You are putting Athens on the map !! I'm just getting started with my business and you are an inspiration! —Lizz

hey jennifer. i am still smiling from the art show this last weekend. i met one of the most amazing people....YOU. i have used allll the products i got and so has dave. we are fans FOREVER. (of course we are really old so that probably won't be that long...but) i will coming out to the shop after all these holidays are over..at least thanksgiving. can't wait to see you again. i have just read you purpose statement and every blog .....wow......me being speechless is a big deal. i knew you were one of the valuable special ones. but you even beat that. tell me how i can help. you are a mench.—Leigh

Hi Jennifer - I got my order today and I am IN LOVE with the faucet soap. Everything about it is AMAZING. So far I haven't tested or sniffed anything from my order that isn't to die for. Can't wait to see how my customers respond! Thanks for all your help!! —Jennifer Dutkowsky

LOVE the way your product makes my bathroom smell fresh and clean!! —Steve, Florida

Love the products!!!!!!!!!! —Carolyn

The shaving soap is Amazing! I'll never go back to the can again.—Sarah

Jennifer, you have amazing products and I hope everyone gets to experience what you offer.—Josh

I am love, love, LOVING the massage oil and new soaps we got from you last week! —Lynda

I just received my soap, sandalwood and lavander. i love it, thank you for what you do!!! oh and thank you for the free samples. =) —Tiffany

I wanted to let you know that your Vanilla Orange lip balm kept my lips protected from the sun, dust, and dry air for 3 weeks in India and Nepal! At first it was hard to reach into Jency's purse to put on flavored lip balm, but after I got over my macho-ness I found that it totally worked. —Nathan, World Next Door Market

Hey Girl! The activated charcoal seemed to help.... I put it in applesauce like you suggested and called it "blacklesauce" - Bean was thrilled, and I told him it was Jen's special tummy medicine! Thank you!! Thank you! —Keri, Pennsylvania

I heart Good Fortune! —Kate, Madrid