Wholesale Accounts



We specialize in wholesale candles in jars and custom candles.

Our candle company produces scented candles for hotels and large chain stores. We can create a custom scented candle for your company too!

Wholesale Candles:  Choose what scented candle you'd like from our candle store, and contact us below to set up terms for your wholesale candle account.

Custom Candles: Choose what custom candle scent you'd like to create. Email us what type of artwork you'd like and if you prefer a lid or no lid on your personalized candle. You need to order a minimum of 36 candles. We can design your custom candle label or you can supply your own label.

Wholesale Skin care Products: Choose from the skin care products on our website. Email us what type of products you'd like to purchase and information about your store so we can get started. We offer the best essential oils, moisturizers, facial cleansers, and face masks.

To become a wholesale customer, we require you to have a business license and pay for your first order on a credit card or bank draft. After the first wholesale order, then we can set up terms for Net 30. We look forward to working with you on your next wholesale order.

Fill out the form below to order Wholesale Products or if you have any questions/comments about your order!