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Good Fortune Soap was born in May 2006 in no place other than the beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee. With bold faith and passion, Jennifer took Good Fortune from a dream to a reality. Jen jumped head first into the making of soap products and was ready to make an impact in the world. From the kitchen, to a dairy farm, to the current storefront, and hopefully to other cities, Good Fortune Soap has always been a business with a purpose. Today, Good Fortune Soap & Spa offers all-natural skincare, therapeutic essential oils, relaxing massage & facial services, as well as a one-of-a-kind DIY experience. Not to mention the luxury penthouse apartment above the store where guests get a taste of unmatched relaxation. Our goal for all our customers, clients, and guests is for them to wash all their troubles away. Reminding them to care for themselves-- their body, their skin, their mind-- is of huge importance to us. The hope of Good Fortune since the very beginning is to be a business that not only provides products and services, but makes a difference in peoples' lives.