• Natural Henna Brow and Lash Tinting

    2nd Mar 2020

    Natural Henna Brow and Lash Tinting

    Do your brows and lashes do this fun little trick where they pretend to not exist? Are you tired of having to apply products every day to make you brows and lashes look fuller? Stop searching. We have…

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  • Exfoliation: what, why, how?

    9th Jan 2020

    Exfoliation: what, why, how?

    Exfoliation can help your skin appear younger and brighter -- as long as you don’t overdo it.What exactly is exfoliation?Well let's see...Problem: If you want to have good-looking skin, try getting ri…

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  • Got Dry Skin? Winter skin woes?

    9th Jan 2020

    Got Dry Skin? Winter skin woes?

    We've got you covered this winter. Look no further than what we have to offer! Feel rejuvenated and refreshed instead of dry and cracked!Full BodyLets begin with the whole body, because if we're bei…

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  • Care about Your Skincare

    7th Jan 2020

    Care about Your Skincare

    Care about Your SkincareDo you know if you're using the right skin care products for your skin type? Do you feel like your current skincare isn't doing its job any more, or wasn't ever? We have some g…

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  • Ashiatsu "Barefoot" Massage

    10th Oct 2019

    Ashiatsu "Barefoot" Massage

    Welcome to Good Fortune Soap & Spa. Are you looking for a pain-free therapeutic massage?Please let me introduce you to Therese Pendergrass, LMT. She is our Ashiatsu specialist. Therese was so…

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  • Chattanooga Bachelorette Party

    1st Aug 2019

    Chattanooga Bachelorette Party

    Here at Good Fortune Soap & Spa, we host bachelorette parties every weekend! Did you know we have boutique hotel upstairs and a boutique spa downstairs? To propose a proper welcome to our city, we've…

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  • Why I Love Chemical Peels!

    14th Nov 2018

    Why I Love Chemical Peels!

    The name sounds scary, but our Image Chemical Peels are delightful. Here is why I got one and what it felt like:I have hyper-pigmentation around the outside of my face, textured skin, and discoloratio…

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  • 3rd Jul 2018

    July's Specials

    Products: 25% off soakspromo code: 25soaksAdd individual soaks Lavender, Coconut, Eucalyptus, Vanilla Peppermint to your cart and type in the promo code. Shop our Bath Salt Soaks.* Not valid on cus…

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