Giving Back

food-bank-banner.jpgjennifer-strain-good-fortune-soap.jpgGiving back is a concept that was built into the foundation of Good Fortune, in fact, that is where we got our name. From the moment God whispered His plan, He also asked me to bless others. Good Fortune supports several charities and celebrates empowering women!

FEEDING OTHERS: Feeding your skin & body quality ingredients is vital for healthy beautiful lives. Good Fortune Soap & Spa has partnered with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. For every organic skin care set sold we will provide ten pounds of food. $5 Equals twenty meals, and $10 Equals $100 of groceries. Isn't it simply amazing how doing your little part can create such a huge impact!

RENEW MINISTRIES: Jen taught the amazing Renew women how to make candles here in our downtown store. The women turned it into a business, and are now making the candles on their own. They sell their soy candles in their own store. They use the profits to sustain their one year discipleship program to change lives forever. It is such a blessing to pay it forward and see women gain confidence as they learn worth is invaluable.    employee-banner-shop.jpg