Care about Your Skincare

Care about Your Skincare

7th Jan 2020

Care about Your Skincare

Do you know if you're using the right skin care products for your skin type? Do you feel like your current skincare isn't doing its job any more, or wasn't ever? We have some guidance for you!Update your skincare routine! Your skin type needs to be nourished and rejuvenated, but often times we are using the wrong products or practicing the wrong tactics. 

For Dry Skin

Chances are you are probably using too many retinol or active products. More is not always better, especially in the case of taking care of your skin. Start small and increase your usage daily. This way your skin can grow accustom to the product without being overwhelmed.

If you feel like this may be you, ask yourself these questions: is my skin extra dry or flaky? Am I encountering redness, bumps or cracked skin? If you relate to either of these we suggest looking into using your products more carefully or completely switching to a different product .

What next? Well, like we suggested earlier, try approaching your retinol products with more ease. Also, if you exfoliate, be careful not to over do it! Exfoliating is great, but again, more is not always better. And start using creams instead of lotions for your moisturizer. 

For Oily Skin

In this case, you may be over-exfoliating or using the wrong cleanser. When you over-exfoliate, your skin becomes more sensitive which gives unwanted results. In regards to your cleanser, be cautious not to pick one that strips your skin of all its oils, meaning don't choose a cleanser that dries out your skin. If you pick a cleanser like this, your skin produces more oils to compensate for those that were stripped, and no one wants a greasy face!

Do you relate? If you have similar results from your skincare as we shared above, you could be practicing counterproductive tactics. This will be easily noticeable if you are breaking out with more acne and blackheads than you were prior to using your cleanser or over-exfoliating.

How can you fix it? Start with applying a face oil serum daily. Sounds crazy right? Putting more oil on oily skin? However, face oil serums help balance the oils already being produced in your skin, which leads to clearer skin. Also, remember your skin needs to stay hydrated. That means if your cleanser is sucking all the moisture out of your skin, then the results won't be what you want! And don't forget, you can exfoliate, but don't over do it!

For Combination Skin

For those of you with dry and oily skin, this one is for you. You can recognize your combination skin by observing if your T-Zone, which is includes your forehead, nose and chin, tends to be greasy. Along with having dry and flaking skin around your temples and cheeks. If this is the case, you've probably noticed that your skin care routine may work on parts of your skin, but leaves the other parts helpless.

Though genetics play a part in your skin type, you can work to combat your combination skin. By finding products that work well for both the oily and dry parts of your face, you'll be seeing improvements in no time. Instead of relying only one one, try applying reliable products to each of the sections they help.

For Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is often misinterpreted as dry skin. However, dehydrated skin is possible in all skin types. Simply said, dehydrated skin means there is a lack of water in the skin's top layer.

If your face feels tight, looks dull, or reveals more fine lines, then chances are you're under the effects of dehydrated skin.

What are you going to do to fix it? DRINK WATER. Water helps refresh your body from the inside out, but there are other ways to help hydrate your skin as well. Work to avoid extremely high temperature water and sudden temperature changes. Staying out of direct sun, if possible, can help too!

We care about your skincare, so you should too! We hope this is helpful in guiding you to the best skincare product for your specific skin type. 

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