The Best Face Mask Made Just For You

The Best Face Mask Made Just For You

16th Apr 2020

6 Surprising Ingredients For Your Face! Find Your Perfect Face Mask

Do you want to find the perfect face mask for each changing season of your life that is natural, long lasting, and affordable?

Good! We have two new exciting Dry Face Masks to rock your world: Purifying Charcoal Masks and Brightening Beet Masks. But first, let’s learn:

Charcoal Dry Mask

What Is A Dry Mask?

Essentially every liquid facial product is already activated. This simply means those products have some type of active ingredient, which is why they have a shelf life of about one year and are ready to slather on immediately. When it comes to our dry face masks, there is no activation until you choose to activate it. You do this by adding water or another crafty option we’ll describe below. You simply mix small amounts and apply as needed, giving dry masks a longer shelf life!

Get Creative!

Having control is the fun part! You can easily customize the liquid ingredients to fit your skin type and lifestyle. Whether you have oily skin, acne, aging, or dull skin, these dry masks are going to be your new favorite addition to your skin care routine because they can be specific to you.

Comfort Foods!

Do you love avocado toast? What about an avocado face mask? Most of the recommended, but surprising liquid (food) ingredients can be found in your kitchen. So, add convenience to the list of dry mask benefits!

Mix It Up!

Once you've combined the dry powder with your choice of liquid additive, make sure to mix it well. Then apply and rub the mask gently onto your face. Leave the mask on for 5 to 10 minutes to allow it to dry. After it is fully dry, use a warm washcloth to rinse it off. Then, apply your serum and moisturizer as normal. Your skin will instantly feel renewed!

Ready To Find Your Perfect Face Mask?

Purifying Charcoal Dry Mask

Skin Type: Troubled and Stressed

Results to Expect: Calmed and purified skin & a balanced glow

What's In It? The nutrient-rich properties include: Italian green clay, activated charcoal, organic blue green algae powder, and Vitamin C. To activate the mask you can mix it with water or spice it up a bit and choose different liquid ingredients. Be sure to use 2 parts powder and 1 part liquid!

Here are some additive suggestions:

  1. Water: Purify and balance

  2. Honey: Natural acne remedy

  3. Yogurt: Unclogs pores with its natural lactic acid

  4. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: Helps reduce oiliness

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Brightening Beet Dry Mask

Skin Type: Combination, Inflamed and/or Mature Skin

Results To Expect: Brighten dull skin, balance inflammation, and nourish dry skin

What's In It? The nutrient-boosting ingredients include: Kaolin and Bentonite clays, Turmeric and Beet powders, and Vitamin C and B5. To activate the mask you simply add water or go for a different approach by choosing a unique ingredient. When mixing, make sure to use 1 part powder and 1 part liquid!

We've listed some additives here:

  1. Water: Nourish and balance
  2. Avocado: Hydrate, lock in moisture

  3. Pureed Banana: Soften and moisturize

  4. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: Hydrate and protect

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Ready For Your Bonus?

Have A Shiny T-Zone or Breakout? Bring out your dry mask! Dampen a cotton ball or cotton pad then dab it into the powder mask and pat onto your skin. Wait 15 minutes, then wipe it off with a toner. Quick and easy!

Have Dry Skin or Black Heads? Dry masks work double time. While you massage the product into your skin the grainy granules actually slough off dead skin cells as they dissolve into a liquid. And they do it without irritating or scraping your skin. Twice the benefits!

Now, you see what all the excitement is about!

Want to learn even more? 

Visit our Youtube Channel for a quick tutorials on how to make the perfect Charcoal Dry Mask and Brightening Beet Dry Mask! We've made specific videos for each additive, so be sure to check them all out! 

Brightening Beet Dry Mask

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