The Skincare Philosophy of Good Fortune Soap

The Skincare Philosophy of Good Fortune Soap

16th Apr 2020


Organic Skincare

Feed Your Face + Feed others

Giving back is a concept that was built into the foundation of Good Fortune, in fact, that is where we got our name. From the moment God whispered His plan, He also asked me to bless others. Good Fortune supports several charities and celebrates empowering women!


Food for the Face skincare is great for anti-agin while being extremely gentle. It leaves your skin non-greasy, yet supplies tons of nourishment! Those are the results we promise!


Or skincare line is made with organic aloe juice, instead of water like common drugstore brands. Plus they are packed with food-based ingredients that will feed your skin.


Looking for natural products that help prevent wrinkles and clear up problematic skin? Our skincare is plant-based and full of alpha-hydroxy, vitamins, and oils. It works hard so you don't have to!


Chattanooga Food Bank

Good Fortune Soap & Spa has partnered with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. For every organic skin care set sold we will provide ten pounds of food. $5 Equals twenty meals, and $10 Equals $100 of groceries. 


We care about our planet and want to help where we can. Refill your Good Fortune jar at our store for a discount or please recycle. 


Good Fortune got our name because we are blessed and like to pay it forward. Thank you for buying our products, loving your skin, and helping make the world a better place!


If you want to start using our skincare, check out this Skincare Chart. It gives you specific products for your skin type. Then head over to the skincare tab and shop, shop, shop. Your purchases not onlt benefit you, but help others too!

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