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Valentine’s Day Wish List: “The Key to Her/His Heart”



Celebrate with luxurious essential oils, pampering skin care treatments, and healing massages. 

We wanted to put together a wish list of our most pampering gifts that will offer the key to his or her heart. 

Let's get started adding up your brownie points!

Kiss Me Kit: Kiss chapped lips good-bye while also enjoying a tingly feeling. Rub the edible brown sugar vanilla scrub on lips in a circular motion, then lick off (Yes, we said lick off!). Finally apply the healing chocolate peppermint lip balm for kissable soft lips.

Edible Body Oil: Great for daily moisturizing, bath oil, or massage oil. The 3-in-1 body oil features naturally edible oils and essential oils, which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Earth Angel Perfume: This perfume is fit for a queen. Notes of musk, patchouli, jasmine and brown sugar are the perfect notes of a sweet, musky, and pretty Earth Angel.

Rose Face + Eye Serum: Our Serum is a highly concentrated multi-vitamin for the face, and it smells heavenly, like a light rose and aloe smoothie for the face. It is packed with essential nutrients that you need to fight back time and skin damage, and helps firm and tone skin.

Massage Candles: Indulge your senses with a massage candle made with 100% essential oils! You simply light the candle 15 minutes before use, extinguish flame, dip fingers into oil, and apply like lotion.

Beard Oil & Stache Wax: Let's not forget our men, and their beards. He needs to feel beautiful and special too :)

To purchase gift certificates, please call or visit the store 423-473-6727. You can also purchase gift certificates online.


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