2023 Recap

2023 Recap

30th Dec 2023

Dear Community,

It feels surreal to say we are approaching our first anniversary as business owners! Thank you for supporting us as we’ve navigated this year of learning the ropes; we couldn’t have done it without you! Settling into this new role has been challenging but also satisfying and FUN! Below are a couple of groups in the community you’ve helped us support.

What goes with soap? Showering! Supporting Shower-Up Chattanooga felt like a perfect fit. We are humbled to be able to help bring dignity and provide a basic need to our neighbors on the streets.

Many of you may not know this about me (Steph), but I worked with low-income families as a pediatric nurse for years. That’s why we partnered with Isaiah 117 House to help provide children just removed from homes with care packs full of essentials.

As we move into 2024, we are excited to support a brand-new non-profit, the Oasis Center. As a spa, we hope to provide our clients refuge and peace. Supporting the Oasis Center allows us to carry that vision beyond our walls!

We are striving to make our products cleaner and safer in 2024, starting with transitioning from plastic to glass packaging, decreasing the likelihood of microplastics in our products.

Other goals for 2024 include improving the formulations of our current skincare products as well as adding some luxurious, new products that we are all excited about! Stay tuned for more info on these yummy, new products!

Lastly, we will be discontinuing the use of fragrance oils in all Good Fortune products and removing them from the custom bar as they run out.This was one of the more difficult decisions for us, however, knowing that anything we apply or inhale ends up in our body, we do not feel comfortable using fragrances that do not disclose an ingredient list. In the USA, fragrance ingredients are protected under “trade secrets,” meaning these oils could have hundreds of ingredients denoted as “fragrance” on the label. We feel passionate about providing clean products with transparent ingredients that are safe for the whole family! Does this mean we will never use fragrance oils again? No. It just means we will be more selective with the oils that we choose, partnering only with companies that also provide full transparency.

What does this mean for our customers? If you have a custom scent that you LOVE made with fragrance oils, STOCK UP while supplies last (unless that last paragraph gave you the heebie-jeebies).

How will you know if one of your scents is a fragrance oil? Simple! When creating a custom product online, the essential oils are listed first and begin with EO. If it does not begin with EO, it’s a fragrance oil.

We are very excited about what 2024 brings! We wish a joyous and healthy New Year to all, and we look forward to being there for you!

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