The Best Kept Secret of Lash & Brow Care

The Best Kept Secret of Lash & Brow Care

5th Jan 2021

A common new year mantra is “new year, new me” and that reigns especially true after the year we all just endured. There is so much opportunity in new beginnings and we are advocating for self-care. Let’s make 2021 the year of truly taking care of ourselves!

So, how can you start this year off right? Start simple with a little lash and brow update!

An easy way to transform your look is by enhancing your eyebrows and lashes. Tinting brings out your features while not being too drastic of a change. Let’s see what a brow and lash services have to offer!


lash lift & tint

Colored with Plant-based Henna

Step one of self care is making sure you care about the ingredients you use in and on your body. In our lash and brow tinting services, we use a natural, plant-based henna. You can be assured that the product not only enhances your brow/lashes but also, cares for your hair and skin!

It Offers a Natural Look

If you are new to lash and brow treatments, tinting is a great place to begin because it provides a very natural look. During the tinting, our esthetician will brush plant-based henna onto your brows/lashes in the perfect color for your hair. Your brows/lashes will look darker & more noticeable. For customers with blonde or light colored lashes/brows you will definitely see the most dramatic change, but it will still look as natural as possible!

A small change can make a big difference! Your lashes and brows will thank you for caring for them at the best spa in Chattanooga!

Call us today at 423.473.6727 to book your lash/brow appointment! If you schedule an appointment for January 2021 you will receive FREE skincare! Hurry and grab your spot today!

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