Top 3 Superfoods You Need in Your Skincare

Top 3 Superfoods You Need in Your Skincare

19th Jan 2021

Did you know that there are superfoods in our skincare? Well, there are!

The superfood trend has been booming for a few years now and it continues to grow exponentially.Superfoods are typically fruits and vegetables that are dense and full of nutritional amino acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. These properties help protect the skin as well as rebuild it. You eat fruits and vegetables to keep your body running smoothly, so why would you not feed your skin superfoods too? Your skin is your largest organ and it deserves great treatment!

A few common superfoods include: honey, papaya, avocado, olive oil, green tea, and grapeseed oil. Let’s focus on three of these today!

Green Tea Face Cream

What does Green Tea do for my skin?

Green Tea isn’t only lovely to drink but also extremely beneficial in skincare. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce any irritation on your skin. 

If you struggle with common skin problems such as rosacea, acne, alopecia and others similar, green tea works to soothe and clear those pesky issues. 

Also, because of the amount of antioxidants in green tea it is popularly known to slow signs of aging caused by sun damage. 

Another benefit is for those with puffy under eyes. Because of the caffeine in green tea, the blood vessels begin to tighten and this helps reduce swelling. Now that’s our cup of tea!

Oh hey, honey!

Nothing sweeter than the taste of honey on your lips and the feel of honey on your skin! Did you know honey is a natural humectant? A humectant is something that retains moisture from the air, so honey keeps moisture in your skin without making it oily. 

Honey is also the super hero of pore cleansing. It goes deep into your pores and gets out bacteria that causes acne. The anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties help soothe acne, too. If wrinkles are an annoyance to you, honey can help with those as well. The antioxidants work to protect your skin from free radicals that may be causing early aging signs like wrinkles and age spots. Using honey may as well be the golden rule of skincare!

I’ll take my grapes with seeds, please!

It seems uncommon to request grapes with the seeds still inside, but when you hear the benefits of grapeseed oil, you may just change your mind. Not only does grapeseed oil contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories but also it’s high in vitamin E and omega chain fatty acids. 

If your skin goes dry during the cold winter months or you have naturally dry skin, the vitamins in grapeseed oil improve the elasticity of your skin, leaving it smoother and softer with every touch! And if you touch the softness too much and you begin to see breakouts, grapeseed oil can help that too. 

The antimicrobial properties in this superfood attack bacteria that causes acne. As if it couldn't get any better, grapeseed oil also evens out your skin tone. If used often, you can say so long to hyperpigmentation. For that, we say “thanks a bunch” to grapeseed oil!

Face Oil Serum

Now that you know the inside scoop on these superfoods, you can informatively shop our products that contain them!

First off, we have a Green Tea Face Cream that will moisturize and heal your skin simultaneously. We would argue that this step in our regime is our absolute fav and that it is the best moisturizer in Chattanooga!!

Next, if you're in the mood for some pampering, the Manuka Honey Face Mask will be your new go-to. It smooths and relaxes your skin as you relax in a bubble bath. All play, no work (except for those antioxidants and anti-inflammatories!)

Don’t stop there! You can find grapeseed oil in a handful of our natural skincare products, but our favorites have to be the Face Oil Serum and Brightening Milk Wash

The Face Oil Serum targets maturing skin, plumping lines, improves elasticity, and leaves your skin with a luminous glow. Meanwhile the Brightening Milk Wash will change your skincare game forever by gently cleansing away dirt, leaving skin feeling soft, never stripped or dry.

What are you doing just sitting there?! Get to using those superfoods! Shop online or come see us at our storefront!

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