Meet Our Owners:  Chris & Steph Gannar

Meet Our Owners: Chris & Steph Gannar

6th Feb 2023

Who are We?

We are Chris and Steph Gannar, proud Chattanooga transplants, who consider themselves conservation novices. We are firm believers in the power of community, lovers of all living things, amateur foodies, and soft-core outdoorsmen.

Our journey together began in 2009 when we vowed to spend our lives together in front of a crowd of friends and family. We found ourselves on the poorer side of “for richer or for poorer,” as we learned to navigate life together as newlyweds. Those were formative years in our marriage. The years when we lived off cheap casseroles and meatless spaghetti. The years when we rotated between The Office and Veronica Mars on DVD in the evenings because we couldn’t afford cable TV or internet. The survival years. It began with the revelation that reusing things saves money.

The event that changed the trajectory of our lives happened in December of 2010. The organization I (Steph) worked for was on the verge of tossing out 70+ zip lock bags that had served as goodie bags for things like stickers, silly putty, and temporary tattoos. Perfectly good, grime-free, zip lock bags. To Chris’ dismay, I brought them all home to wash and reuse. It did not take him long to see the validity of my logic. I woke up the following Saturday morning to a make-shift line strung across the guest room that was covered with freshly washed Christmas zip locks. So began the ritual of washing and reusing baggies until they were too tattered to do their jobs.

As our budget increased, allowing us luxuries like the internet and Netflix, streaming options and access to endless data opened our eyes to the effects of landfills on our planet. With such a high regard for nature, all living creatures, and being responsible stewards of our time and money, taking steps to eliminate waste became a conviction. We are by no means experts in the subject of conservation, we are just regular people who believe our faithful baby steps can make a difference in the world.

Finding Good Fortune

When we first visited Good Fortune, it was love at first sight! We fell in love with the products, employees, and Chattanooga in equal measure. Immediately we knew that this was our kind of place: one that values quality, supports the community, cares for the environment, and believes in excellent customer service.

Chris & Steph Gannar

We are so excited to be a part of the Good Fortune Soap family and the Chattanooga community. We are grateful that Jennifer entrusted us to carry this torch and we promise to do it with honor, humility and fun. We look forward to getting to know our customers. Be on the lookout for the announcement for our meet and greet event!

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