Skin Care In Summer

Skin Care In Summer

12th Jul 2022

Did you know your skin can change with the weather?

Many of us have experienced our skin getting oilier and more clogged in the summer. Between the humidity increase and all the sweat our skin can get more congested in the warmer months. We have some skincare routine tips for summer that can help all skin types!

Face Wash

Washing your face once or twice daily is critical, especially in the summer, for removing skin clogging oils and sweat from your face. Our favorite face wash for the summer is the Charcoal Facial Wash, our favorite facial cleanser for oily skin. This face wash contains activated charcoal which absorbs excess oils and draws out toxins from the skin, yet it is still gentle and moisturizing enough for drier skin types. The number one ingredient is aloe vera juice (which is also great for calming the skin) and it also contains vitamins to replenish your skin and maintain your lipid barrier.

Toner For Face

Our Vitamin C Toner packs a punch in the fight against free radicals. Antioxidants help to close pores, adjust the skin’s pH, and remove any remaining oil or dirt from the skin. Not only that but it also calms inflammation in your skin! It is loaded with organic aloe, vitamin c, extracts of bilberry, orange, lemon, cranberry and willow bark, and tea tree essential oil. This means clear skin, smaller pores, and less oil! Toner with Vitamin C will help brighten your skin for a beautiful summer glow.

Face Mask

Our favorite summer skincare mask is our Manuka Honey MaskThis gentle medicinal honey provides a moisturizing, protective shield that calms and soothes dehydrated, dry skin, redness, and irritation. It can be used alone, or with our dry masks. It is suitable for all skin types, especially those that need some extra calming and healing.

Broad Spectrum Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen


We couldn't talk about summer skincare without giving a shout out to sunscreen! Of course you should be wearing sunscreen 365 days a year, it is especially important in the summer when the sun is out and so are you! Our favorite sunscreen is the Image Skincare SPF 50 because it not only protects you from the sun's radiation, it also moisturizes! Making sure your skin is hydrated is a sky part of reducing oil production. When your skin is dehydrated your body will actively produce more oil to compensate.

Get Started on Your Skincare Routine Now

It’s getting hotter everyday so get started on your summer routine ASAP! Shop our best skin care products online or in our Chattanooga Spa location! Listen to your skin and help it look its best no matter the weather.

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