The Truth about Dermaplaning

The Truth about Dermaplaning

7th Apr 2021

Why I Add Dermaplaning to My Regular Facials

I have always been obsessed with having super smooth, soft, skin and flawless foundation. Peach fuzz and dead skin have been some of the worst offenders in my journey to beautiful skin. Of course I love a good old fashion scrub or an occasional peel but I wanted something that could take my results to the next level.

Dermaplaning Facial Add on for Exfoliation and Hair Removal

What did it feel like?

Dermaplaning is essentially a very close shave and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about having a blade on my face. When my esthetician started the Dermaplaning portion of my facial I was surprised that I couldn’t really feel it. There was a quiet scraping sound as she worked her way around my face, but that was about it. After she finished, she showed me all the hair and dead skin that came off of my face and it was so oddly satisfying (albeit a bit gross).

How did my skin react?

The rest of my facial felt more tingly than usual. It made my regular facial feel more like a peel! Immediately afterwards my skin looked so smooth, but in the next day or 2 I did experience some mild irritation. My skin seemed a little pink and I had what felt like tiny razor bumps in some areas. Honestly, I was nervous but after 2 days of recovery my skin felt amazing!

Dermaplaning Peach fuzz shaving exfoliation technique

What about hair regrowth?

No worries here! The hair they shave off of your face is a very fine type of hair that will always grow in thin and light. There is no risk of hair coming in darker or thicker.

Would you recommend this for everyone?

Dermaplaning, like chemical peels, can be intense. Everyone has different skin types and requirements. I will definitely be getting Dermaplaning again in the future but if you have sensitive skin or active acne it may not be the best option for your skin.

I want to try it for myself! Where do I start?

Right here! Book your facial now, and add Dermaplaning at Chattanooga’s Best Spa to experience the results for yourself! Plus if you get your Dermaplaning done by April 14th you'll get $15 off! Make sure you mention this promo when you book!

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