• How To Have An At Home Spa Day

    5th Jul 2022

    How To Have An At Home Spa Day

    We know you've been working too hard. You deserve to put on a fluffy robe, run a bath, and have an at home spa night!Step 1: Set The MoodLight a scented candle, and put on your favorite playlist,…

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  • Waterproof Beauty Hacks for Summer

    23rd Jun 2022

    Waterproof Beauty Hacks for Summer

    This year, say "no more" to runny mascara and smudged brows. Get naturally beautiful, waterproof lashes and brows at Good Fortune Spa!Lash Lift and TintThrow out the lash curler and say BYE to breakag…

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  • Get Your Glow On | Exfoliate 3 Ways

    14th Jun 2022

    Get Your Glow On | Exfoliate 3 Ways

    If you want to have good-looking skin, try getting rid of some of it! Normally, our skin sheds dead cells after they’ve reached the epidermis, but what doesn’t flake away can make your complexion…

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  • Men's Facial

    7th Jun 2022

    Men's Facial

    Facials are just for women, right? Wrong.No matter what age, gender, or skin type, putting your face into the hands of a skincare professional is the standard for anyone who cares about the long-term…

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  • Skincare For Men

    31st May 2022

    Skincare For Men

    There are a lot of misconceptions that skincare is feminine, but we at Good Fortune Soap and Spa are here to educate and reiterate that everyone deserves great skin health! Luckily, we have curat…

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  • Gift Ideas For Father's Day

    24th May 2022

    Gift Ideas For Father's Day

    Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be a daunting task, especially if he insists that he doesn’t want anything at all because “you’re the best gift he could’ve asked for”. Check out these Father’s Da…

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  • Mother's Day 2022

    12th Apr 2022

    Mother's Day 2022

    Mother’s Day Sale Choose our Chattanooga spa gift card or shop our online gift set sale!CHATTANOOGA SPA GIFT CARD  Get $20 off a Spa Gift Card of $100 (or more) from April 24th until May…

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  • Our Anti Aging Superstars

    3rd Mar 2022

    Our Anti Aging Superstars

    Our top plant-based, anti aging skin care Did you know... You can fight signs of anti aging right from the comfort of your own home? Many of our fragrance-free, easy-to-use products contain ingred…

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